Coire Thollaidh

Well I got here late, 2 days late in fact. The sun was still shining though which might explain why I rushed away from the car without a couple of items . I think I have sunstroke. I think the tourists I passed thought I was doing some kind of relay. Some kind of short, slow relay, very slow. However at the 3rd attempt I was away and as soon as I passed a certain viaduct I had the road to myself. It’s not far at all to the bothy but it was still far enough for me to be thinking I am sure it didnt take me this long to walk it. This bike must be broken . However the bothy eventually came into view, and a welcome sight it was. Off the bike and in we go I had the place to myself Thanks to the very considerate owners and other visitors there was plenty dry firewood. Which I put to good use In bothy terms this is 5* accomodation The kitchen is small And the bedroom is simple Slainte mhor But you see that was to lead to …”complications” So off for wee dander roon the back of the bothy, to get some kindling in and to take another photo before dark Then it was dinner time (fish baked at the edge of the fire) And another dram. So now for the complicated bit . Off I go to wash my dish at the side of the burn , in the dark wi a feeble torch twa or three drams doon . Well I am lost for words. I dinnae ken how I ended up staundin in the burn!


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