In bygone times, 

Coastal towns were connected by the sea

On a table 3 bright woven fish swim,

Always between the net and the shore

Battling the endless surge of the sea

Theirs is no migration to spawn 

They just ebb with the USB charger

And flow with the HDMI

Give meaning to a phrase,

Cable tide


Shedding Light

Looking, not seeing

Nothing is clear

Shedding light

I had a lamp,

It’s broken and lost

Ye can look for it on yer hauns and knees,

Mind no cut yersel on the gless

I hear only what I want to hear. An oldy  but a goody there’s some truth in it too.

Having a chat with a colleague when we were delivering leaflets but I was ill at ease when I heard them say they would rather burn a hall down than have the opposition use it for a meeting. Where does this intolerance spring from, or is it just certainty expressed strongly Is anyone listening these days? are we all just shouting? Noisy and lively debate is great but that means all points of view have to be heard. That is not happening at most public meetings I attend because only one side is attending. There are 2 reasons for this 1 some on the other side believe we are all intolerant and yobbish. 2 The old media has been effective in winning the public debate on tv/radio in print so the other side sees no need to come to public meetings , things are going just fine thanks.

Facebook is particularly bad soon as you open an account Facebooks algorithim seeks out posts similar to those you have posted or “liked”.  Then it seeks out posts from people whose posts you have read ,shared , liked  etc . Slowly it cuts you off from anything you might not like. In doing so it cuts you off from people who might disagree with you . It cuts you off from people who might not disagree with you as well. You’ll never know as FB will make sure you never see those posts. Facebook  also regulates what appears on your newsfeed and how high up any post appears. You are much more likely to click on an item close to the top of your newsfeed.   If a media organisation was doing this it would be subject to some regulation and oversight . Even an organisation like the BBC  is subject to some control. However Facebook does not consider itself to be a media organisation, and is resisting calls for it to be regulated as one.

There’s more on this subject here.

Meantime, today, on Facebook I will go to a page I don’t like , follow someone I disagree with   make sure I hear something that I don’t want to hear.

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In Scotland in winter

Lamps light

Bulbs flicker

Or fluorescent fizz

Embers glow and candles gutter in cauld draughts

Frae  ill-fitting doors

Fairies twinkle oan seasonal trees

Outside lichts welcome folk hame

Brake lights streak doon darkened street

Headlights glare and dip

Icey pavement s sparkle

 sarcastic smiles,

just afore ye slip

Yet it cannae stop, 

merry dancers

Fae wandering

An wonderin

At a glitter scattered star night sky


only the moon shines

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The Last Temple of the Celts

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The west of Europe used to be full of Celtic temples. In every settlement, every holy grove, every mountain top and ring of stones that held any import for the peoples of old there would have been some structure marked out as holy, a place to connect the people to the spirits who lived alongside of them. There were statues of gold and idols of stone, rings of trees wreathed with cloth, wells encircled by the swirling patterns of the art called La Tene. A vivid, distinct and technically accomplished culture did as all such cultures have done; piled up in its holiest of holies the greatest achievements of its civilisation, to honour the gods that it worshipped.

The afterglow of their achievements still hangs on the horizon. The illuminated gospels of Ireland, the giant carved stones of the Picts and the mythic tales of the Welsh all carry within them a multiplicity…

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