Strange Days

Writing about things that didn’t happen, is an odd way to start a diary. Yesterday the people of Scotland went to the polls and did not vote for independence. After the long months of campaigning in every spare moment and many days  of pounding the streets of our towns and villages from day till dark, I woke this afternoon,after watching the bitter news roll in through the night, today I woke up with nothing urgent to do.

” I’m not going to talk about doubts and confusion”  The Proclaimers

Actually I am. Yesterday at 0542 I was up drinking coffee, dabbing tears of joy and excitement from my eyes, the big day was here, at last. How many people have lived and died without ever having such an opportunity!

This morning at 0542 I sat in silent tears,dreams and hopes,nursed and cherished for 35 years reduced to rubble round my feet. What kind of country gives up its independence? Scotland the Craven?

The answers took a while to come, but they did come. Everyone on the Yes lochaber team was an inspiration to me. The ordinary folk all over Lochaber were forthright in debate, passionate, funny ,and kind.Fiona your garden is amazing,thanks for the coffee,Brenda thanks for the much appreciated cakes.Macmillan family the campaigners are meant to inspire the voters! Lachie frae Grangemouth you scared me half to death and welcomed me intae yer hoose in Invergarry. The Declaration of Arbroath said” not while one hundred of us remain” There’s 1.6 million of us.

I am going out now

“I walked through the country,I walked through the town,

I’ll hold my head up and I will not look down”

The Proclaimers Joyful Kilmarnock Blues

PS” The question doesnt matter the answer’s always AYE”

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